Hi! I’m a generalist software developer that enjoys learning, solving problems and helping others do the same. I like working across the stack, finding common patterns in unrelated areas for a better understanding of systems. I currently work mostly with Python/C++ and Kubernetes on the backend/infra side and React on the frontend side. I enjoy mentoring and I try to challenge myself by speaking at conferences, most recently at NDC Oslo in December 2021.

Currently I’m working at Sesam, where we are building a master data hub that simplifies the process of making up-to-date master data available in a data platform architecture.

I previously worked as a full-stack developer at Nornir in Oslo. Before that, I took a summer internship at CERN, where I built a small web application for displaying data about beamlines operating in CERNs North & East Experimental Areas.

I have a masters degree in programming and system architecture from the Institute of Informatics at the University of Oslo and a Bsc. degree in Computer Graphics and Visualizations from Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic. I enjoy solving problems and learning about processing data, state reconciliation, control theory, declarative programming and other random topics.

You can find a more formal CV here, otherwise all the information is on LinkedIn.

This site is where I write about things I’ve learned, things I find interesting and mistakes I’ve made.

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